Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm baack!

Yes, I’m still alive and still running; it just has not been blog worthy. This winter, I got incredibly sick and had to take some time off. I’ve been base building since February and only had one relapse. Due to my illness, I had to skip the Hot Chocolate 15k in January and the Publix Georgia Half on St. Patty’s Day, both of which broke my heart. I did complete the full 13.1 miles as part of a virtual race so that was good enough for me

On to exciting news…It’s official, I have signed up for my first marathon! On 02/02/2014 I will be running the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon! I have been playing with the idea for over six months now. But watching my big brother successfully finish his first marathon and then the events at Boston pushed me from thinking to committing. It also helped that I found a coupon code for $20 off!

Stay tuned, I will return to blogging to report my training. I sketched out my plan last night and will be following the Jeff Galloway Marathon to Finish Training Plan. I know I can run much longer than the 4:1 or even 4:30 sec ratio. But with this being my first marathon, I want to play it safe and not get injured. Therefore, I will finish it with Galloway. My sciatic and IT band are complaining lately and I need to go easy on them the first time around.

Looking forward to reporting my training to y’all come July. Stay tuned, I’m about to join the 26.2 club and I can’t wait!