Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New BRFs

I don't mention my family very often these days, for personal reasons. Mostly because I try to keep this as my running journal. BUT when my two worlds collide, then that's something worth writing about.

This morning I took the boys for a run. It was only one mile, we ended up walking more than I was used to, but it was a run. It was an epic run. My 8 year old struggled to keep the pace. He's a linebacker, built just like his daddy. My 6 year old, lean and lithe, could have run circles around us for who knows how long. When the three of us were able to hit the same pace and maintain it for two minutes, it was amazing. We were talking, cracking jokes and having a blast. I saw a glimpse of our running future together and I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to many more runs with my new found Best Running Friends and I can't wait!

My goal is to get them both up to a 5k distance, then they can join me on my short days whilst training for my 26.2. It's going to be blog worthy, it's going to be epic! Not to mention that they are both excited to join the track club and compete in their own races. I'm one proud running Momma!