Tuesday, October 30, 2012

11 > 15

No, I did not fail 1st grade math. Yes, I do possess a Bachelor’s degree. I understand that 11 is not larger than 15 mathematically BUT on the pain scale of my recent long runs, 11 miles is WAY more painful than 15 miles. Why is that? If you remember my post here about how 11 miles kicked my butt, then you will be shocked to hear that yesterday’s 15 miles was exhilarating. I felt strong, had no problems breathing, even skipped a few walk breaks and finished strong! I have not ever finished a double digit run and felt that strong. The only hard part about yesterday’s run was the 45-degree temperature combined with the wind advisory. It was an ice-cold run and I found myself running just to keep warm. I guess it did the trick because my run was epic.

I will admit that I was dreading these 15 miles. I was supposed to have run them last Thursday, but I was on antibiotics for a TMI infection and decided to sleep the day away. If I had run that day or even the next day, I would have died from heat exhaustion because our temps were pushing 80+. I went camping with the cub scout pack on Saturday. The day was gorgeous and warm. By Saturday night, the temps dropped 30 degrees and the wind started up. Thank you Sandy. By the time we got home on Saturday, we had a slight drizzle. I listened to the winds howl all Sunday night. Monday morning, I stayed in bed extra long, trying to keep warm. Then I chided myself out of bed and into my running clothes.

Long sleeves, a fleece vest, hat and gloves combined with plenty of water and gels and I was out the door. The wind was bitterly cold and would change directions so it felt like the whole 15 miles was with a head wind. I didn’t care about a time; my run was all about the distance. I swallowed gels at miles 3, 6, 9. & 12. I finished all four of my water bottles and stopped by the house for a refill. If I felt strong and my timer was going off, I would skip the walk break. I found that I kept warmer by moving. If I walked in the first half, it was only for 30 seconds just to keep warm. I have often wondered if I would be able to run a half without using the Galloway plan and yesterday’s run proved to me that I can; someday.

Looking at my splits, I am very happy with my pace. I averaged an 11:35 min pace which is really good for me for long distances. I only had one mile break 13 minutes (mile 10) and even then, it was only 13:09.8. It is my goal to keep all of my (mile) splits under 13 minutes and especially under 12 minutes for my race. (I only had two miles in the 12 minute pace) After yesterday’s run, I am confident that I can do that in 3 ½ weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can stay healthy and strong!!!

It’s a great day for running!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Even with my 20 minute ice bath yesterday, I hurt like nobody's business today. I am not usually this sore after running 13.1 during training. Oyvey! I think it is my new shoes. It was my first long run in them. I am postponing today's walk until tomorrow, putting on my compression shorts and hopping myself up on some advil. Here's to hoping that I will be able to run intervals on Thursday.

Happy running y'all!

Monday, October 15, 2012

No more excuses, I’m just slow

Today I ran 13.1. I ran 13.1 and got a PR: 2:29:09. When I started running this morning it was 65 degrees and 100% humidity. By the fourth mile, the sun came out and started melting the sidewalks. When I finished, it was 72 degrees. I know, I know, I always make excuses for how slow my pace is. Today, it was the heat and humidity. It gets me every.single.time. I was dehydrated by mile 7 and had to loop back to the house at 9.5 miles to get more water and a cold paper towel to keep around my neck. Besides the heat and humidity, I am not even a week out of the feverish flu and am in the throes of a head cold. Excuses, excuses. I’d love to say that I’m a Speedy Gonzales. I dream of running 13.1 in 2:17. Someday.

I’m tired of making excuses for my slow self. It is what it is I run slow. BUT today, I PRd and was able to run 13.1 in under 2:30 and that is a BIG deal in my book! I looked at my splits and noticed that even with all my walking in the second half, I kept my pace under 13 minute miles. Score! I took a gel at miles 3, 6, 9 & 12 and that really worked. I didn’t have to ration my water too much because I was planning to stop by the house. I can honestly say that these 13.1 miles were easier than the 11 I ran two weeks ago. I still fight the wall and am learning to push through and keep my mind focused. Someday I will conquer the mental battle and keep on pushing on and only walk when my timer beeps.

Tomorrow I will go for a short walk. Rest on Wednesday and my legs will hopefully be ready for 10 x 800 on Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed my body holds out.

It’s a great day for running y’all!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Me, a serious runner?

Today helping out at the 3rd grade Greek Festival (which was a blast), I had another mom ask me if I was “The Serious Runner”. I laughed and said I wouldn’t call myself serious. She then told me that she runs with another mom (Hi ST if you’re reading!! I hope you’re feeling better real soon and I know you’ll kick some asphalt on your race next week!!) who has mentioned me and also mentioned my blog. I had to laugh. I have never considered myself a real runner. I may run half marathons but I’m not fast. I have to do the Galloway program because my body can’t handle running more than three miles without walking or I get injured. I have exercise-induced asthma. Did I mention that I’m slow? I’m slower than molasses in January! How can I be a serious runner?

To me, a serious runner is Kara, Shalane, Dean, Bart, Meb, not me, definitely not me. Standing at the bus stop this afternoon I started to wonder if I am holding myself back? If I see myself as a serious runner, does that make me a serious runner? Possibly. If personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge. Does that apply here? If my behavior says I’m a serious runner, then why don’t I believe myself? Deep, deep thoughts for a Friday afternoon.

After spending all day Tuesday and Wednesday in bed, I had the energy to take a shower yesterday. Today I helped out all day at the school. I am now finding myself pacing about the house. I know I’m ready to start running when the pacing starts. Tomorrow I’ll squeeze in 45 minutes with some hills. Rest on Sunday. Monday I tackle 13.1. Can’t wait to see how it goes. I was hoping to use this distance to judge how my race will go. Now I’m not sure what to expect after getting sick this week. Only time will tell.

It’s a great day for running. Happy running y’all!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Should I stay or should I go?

I have slept for nearly two days straight. Yup. Bilbo Baggins and his post Lonely Mountain adventure stop with Gandalf in Rivendell have nothing on me! Minus the battle of five armies and the gold treasure of course. But I do have my own personal Elrond taking care of me…Hubby!

Not sure what sort of bug I picked up but it has hit me like a ton of bricks. I went for a walk on Tuesday and by 1pm I was ready to hit the sack. I managed to stay awake long enough to greet the boys at the bus stop, give them a snack, breeze through homework and then crawl into bed. I was able to get up to feed them dinner, bathe them and tuck them in. I then crawled into bed and haven’t gotten out until this afternoon. Thankfully, hubby came home early Tuesday evening and had yesterday off so I could sleep this fever off and not worry about the boys. Hubby made me soup, brought me a smoothie in bed and took care of my needs. That’s saying a lot since he is not a natural caregiver!

Today I am starting to feel almost human. I am hoping another good nights’ sleep will kick this bug to the curb and I will be able to rest up this weekend. I need to make up my missed 13 miles from today. In my feverish state yesterday I actually considered running 13 today. I then realized that would probably put me in the hospital with pneumonia and ruin my goal for the race. A little sleep wouldn’t hurt me and I know that I couldn’t walk five miles today so running 13 is out of the question.

I’m hoping to kill these 13 miles on Monday. I am actually going to add the .1 to see how my time is. I’m dreaming of a huge PR this year and trying to not get my hopes up too much for Monday. Only time and rest will tell.

It looks like the sun is out today and I’m sure that it’s a great day for running…if you’re healthy!

Happy running y’all!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clear mind an beautiful bodies

Yesterday's run was just what the doctor ordered. I came home tired, sweaty, out of breath and refreshed. While I didn't find that elusive high, I did run out some pent up frustration. 

Today is a new day. I am going to take a quick walk by myself, then make hubby go on another one with me. I'm so proud of him, he's lost 16 pounds in September and he's feeling great! He has worked hard and he's seeing the benefits. Go J!!!

I have posted before about body image and now I'd like y'all to head on over to Another Mother Runner and check out today's post. They are requesting that us mother runners take a picture of ourselves in our running gear (skirt, shorts, capris, etc) and our sports bra. They want to start a scrapbook of what a mother runner looks like: kickass strong with stretch marks!!! I think this is an amazing idea and can't wait to send them my picture. Their request is we take a pic in our sports bra (for continuity) and then state our age, number of children, number of years running, proudest running moment and favorite body part. You can keep your face in the picture or have your head cropped out. I encourage you to participate. It is important for all women to know that mother runners come in all shapes and sizes and they are all strong and beautiful.

Happy running y'all!

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm a failure

This was a rough weekend. ROUGH. Not sure what hair got up N’s butt, but it was a nasty one. He fought me tooth and nail all weekend long. By Sunday, I found myself partaking in three drinks: wine with lunch (LUNCH!), a G&T to get through the afternoon and another glass of wine with dinner. I never drink this much. Never. I actually have a two-drink limit, which is getting closer to a one-drink limit because I hate feeling sick the next day. But N’s nasty behavior drove me to drinking. I went to bed last night crying and feeling like the world’s worst parent. I felt like a failure.

This morning I’m a tad “under the weather” thanks to yesterday. I just don’t feel it today. Instead of tackling those hills and getting out my pent up frustration from the weekend (which would do me some good), I’m going to run for the sake of running. I need a good head-clearing run in the rain. I want to feel refreshed and renewed, I want that high I used to get when I started running. A run is what I need and a run is what I’m gonna get.

It’s a great day for running y’all!