Friday, March 30, 2012

The Petri Dish Known As Elementary School

Spring Break. Let me say it again, SPRING BREAK!!!! In less than two hours my boys will be bounding off of the big, yellow bus and spring break will begin. It’s not that I’m excited to spend a whole week with my children with nothing to do (don’t get me wrong, I do love my boys), it’s the fact that I don’t have to roll out of bed to wrestle them out the door for five days. That’s a vacation! No packing lunches. No packing snacks. No driving from here to there. Hopefully, the school and our house, will take this week off to cleanse themselves from the sicknesses that have infected them. Yes, I was sick, again, this week. L brought home a nasty bug that took me five days to get over. He rebounded in two days or less. Isn’t that how it is? I catch every stinking sniffle, cough and bug they pick up at that disgusting petri dish. SPRING BREAK!!!

Thankfully, my MIL is flying down tonight to partay with us! I am glad that I get to play man-to-man defense this week instead of my usual zone-D (which is an epic fail every.single.time). I'm taking this weekend to recover from the bug, I’m still dehydrated and dizzy. Hoping to hit the pavement Monday strong and healthy. In the meantime, we’ll be partaking in hubby’s newest addiction: Geocaching. The boys really enjoy it. I love that we can do it as a family and it gets every one moving. Hubby and I hit a geocache this morning just .9 miles from the house and along my usual running route. I asked him if he wanted to complete the one-mile circle we were approaching. He said no. I then asked him if he minded if I ran it and met up with him. He then told me it wasn’t a good idea since it is my first day back on my feet. Next time hubby, I will run circles around you!!!

That being said, geocaching is a great family event we can do that is fun and gets us all moving (um did I say that already?)!!! So our week will be spent having fun. Here’s to hoping you have a great weekend and a fabulous spring break if you’re on it!!

Happy running y’all!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I need to run like an addict needs their fix

I have not run all week. I have severe environmental allergies AND exercise induced asthma. It is spring in Atlanta. If you’ve never been to the ATL in the spring, then you don’t get it. Everything is covered in pollen, EVERYTHING. The city has been coated with the thick, yellow essence aka death to Carrie! I know this happens every year. For two weeks of every year, I do not leave the house unless I have to. I desperately need to pick up a SARS mask (maybe even write “SARS” on the mask!) just to run the boys to school. Pollen sucks.

Last night we had some rain! My car no longer has a yellow tint to it. The pollen count hit just under 10,000 on Tuesday. Today’s count is just over 1,000. I may or may not be able to run tomorrow. I can’t risk it. I need to run.

Since I have been stuck in the house under house arrest (without the blinking anklet), I have been working my strength training. This week I ordered and received (very quickly I might add) The Original Buns of Steel. I did this in junior high and can sing the praises of this video. I still get sciatica issues from time to time and know that strengthening my hammys as well as glutes will help this. I will have buns of steel by the end of next month! It is the cheesiest workout of all time, but it works like a charm! If you feel your glutes need a workout, stop what you are doing, do not pass go until you order this video. I urge you, drop what you are doing right now and go order it!

That’s it for now. Here’s to hoping my buns turn into steel before the pollen count drops back down to the teens!

Happy running y’all!! (please get some mileage in for me!!!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

A picture is worth 1,000 words... or pounds.

Me and L in Hawaii, May 2005.
I look like a Biggest Loser contestant.

Me in December 2011, 75+ pounds lighter.

Plo Koon

Yesterday I ran 3.14 in 30:48.6. I can honestly say that I gave it my best effort. Most runs, I don't push myself. I'm a solo runner with exercise-induced asthma and severe environmental allergies. I don't want to risk it. Have you ever been to Atlanta this time of year? The trees are releasing their "essence". In a few days-weeks, the pine trees will be releasing a thick coat of greenish-yellow pollen that will blow in the wind and make it look like we are being gassed. It's disgusting. It's horrible for my allergies and asthma. It is the time of year I want/need to strap on my Plo Koon mask and keep running.

I digress. Yesterday's run was epic. I pushed myself and ran when my lungs were begging me to stop and catch my breath. (Yes, I have to stop a lot due to my asthma, and walk it off so I don't start wheezing.) My lungs, for the most part, handled it and I'm proud of my run yesterday. I look forward to the day that my lungs won't make me stop and "walk it off", but I am happy with the effort I put out yesterday.

Here are my splits:
Elevation Gain
Elevation Loss
Avg Pace
Best Pace

The third mile was mostly uphill, or so it seemed! It was definitely my slowest mile. I didn't stop at all for the first mile which is a big deal for me. I could kick some serious butt if I could keep my first mile pace for the full distance. I ask you all: how do I strengthen my lungs while running during allergy season? Any of you run with exercise-induced asthma? Yes, I do use my inhaler before running. How can I wean myself from these "walk it off" breaks? Especially at shorter distances. I know I need to build my base and take it one mile at a time, but any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

***My apologies, I do not know how to make the split chart smaller. I am obviously web/blogger challenged!***

Thursday, March 15, 2012


To quote one of my favorite home town bands, "I'm still alive". Not much has happened over here at chez moi so I didn't feel the need to update y'all with my whining. N was the only one who got sick in the house, but I did manage to catch L's cold and am just starting to feel human! Today is the first day I have not crawled back into bed after dropping the boys off at school. I caught up on all of my housecleaning (I know you couldn't live without knowing that!) and then headed out the door for a walk. 3.1 miles in the beautiful summer, er spring day! I decided to grab my Garmin and finish up with 3 more miles running. Not my best idea ever.

I swear the barometer went up 10 degrees when I was in the house getting my Garmin. By the time I hit the road it was 80 degrees. I had my water, but oy vey I was shvitzing!!! I had to walk more than I wanted to but I finished in one piece. Looking forward to another run tomorrow morning after L's school play. Hopefully I can get out before I loose all of my pure liquid awesome!

Happy Running!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My life in the crazy house

Some days, like today, I feel like I'm stuck in the movie Groundhog Day. I wish I could say that I was the gorgeous Andie McDowell (though some people have suggested that she is my doppelgänger) but alas my life is more like Bill Murray's character. I feel like I'm stuck in the same day, just a different version. N is home sick again today. Not sure what's going on, but grrrr! I was hoping to get some more miles in today; such is life.

Since I have nothing new to post, go check out TMB's post here. Live like the Honey Badger Principal 6. I am LOVING this series!!

Happy Friday and happy running y'all!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Night Quickie

No, that's not what I meant and get your mind out of the gutter!

Vanessa over at Gourmet Runner is hosting a giveaway for free race entries for The Color Run. Go check it out here!

Three Things Thursday

  1. L hit 50 miles hiking this week! He actually has 54 miles logged; three do not count because they are “in the neighborhood” and not on trails. His official number is 51 miles since crossing over into the Wolf Den! I am SO proud of him!!! Our goal was to hit 50 miles before the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet, which is this Saturday. That is when he officially becomes a Wolf!
  2. N was home with a very quick tummy bug on Tuesday. I have been feeling nauseous ever since. I don’t "do" puke and I’m so thankful it was quick! He now feels like a million bucks and wants to get sick again so he can lay on the couch all day and watch TV!
  3. Just got back from a 5 miler. Why do the first three miles kick my butt? Why is running three miles almost as hard as running double digits some days? My lungs did not want to cooperate and my legs were a tad heavy. I blame N's sickness and my feeling “off” the past few days. I am glad I got out there and hit the pavement, I feel like I have conquered the world! I love that running is hard, but so rewarding!

Happy running y’all!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

13.1 and Happy Birthday

My 33rd birthday was on Thursday. I announced to my children that if anyone asks, Mommy is 29. N (my 5 year old) replied with, “But Mommy 29 doesn’t come after 32!” He was confused until I repeated that from here on out, Mommy will always be 29. He caught on quickly. I later got an email from one of his teachers telling me Happy Birthday. N apparently went to school and told his teachers that it was his Mommy’s birthday and that I was turning 29, ‘atta boy!!!!

I wanted to celebrate my day with a Half Marathon distance. Unfortunately, I had too many mommy responsibilities to do. Can you say Room Mom responsibilities coupled with washing floors and scrubbing toilets??? I decided to celebrate one day late. I can honestly say that each time I run the half marathon distance, it gets easier. Just as I had hoped! I was skeptical and almost backed out. I had only run three miles earlier this week and the pain meds I was on from my cyst really dried me out. I knew that I hadn’t fueled and hydrated properly in the days leading up to Friday, but I decided that I wasn’t going to make excuses. Just shut up, get out there and be your GBA Mother Runner self and get it done! So I did! It was EPIC! I have been training with the Galloway method for the Publix GA ½ on 3/18. I may or may not actually run the race due to hubby’s work schedule, but I wanted to follow a training schedule to keep myself up to snuff. This time around I decided to not take the walk breaks when my timer went off unless I really needed a reprieve. I was able to skip a few walk breaks and I don’t think it really hurt me too much. The next time I train, I will attempt to only walk every 2.5 miles and then stretch it out until I can run the WHOLE 13.1 miles.

It was hot and muggy. 65 degrees and I am not sure of the humidity, but let’s say we had a tornado come through that night, so it was MUGGY. Once again, my need for carrying more water on my fuel belt was the main theme of the run. I took my gels at miles 3, 6 & 9. In hindsight, I should have taken another gel at mile 12 to finish strong. Next time. I was keeping a solid 10:30 pace (not as fast as I’d like to be) until the hills. They are the bain of my existence. I slowed down, dug in and went after them. Mile 10 was my slowest mile (I LOVE my Garmin!!) and I was expecting it to be, since that is my wall. I pushed through and picked up the pace. When I finished in just under 2.5 hours I was ecstatic! I always think I can finish it in 2:20 or even 2:15, but I can never finish strong. Some day…

I finished feeling strong and confident that I can pick up my pace AND thankful for the ability to run!

Lessons learned: Take that last gel at mile 12 to finish strong, keep taking gels at 3, 6 & 9. Buy a Speed 4 or a CamelBak, I live in Atlanta and it is only going to get hotter as the year progresses! Face the wall, dig in, and push on through!!! I’m a GBA Mother Runner!!!