Friday, September 19, 2014

Filet mignon and a baked potato are not fuel for a long run

Monday night, my garmin started freaking out in the middle of the night. Beeping, turning off, turning back on, beeping again, turning off again and so forth until I died. The next day I googled ideas on how to fix it. I ended up plugging it in for 30 minutes and trying to reset it (interpret pushing a bunch of buttons that really did nothing) only to discover that the batter was dead. My mom blamed the solar flares and I have to agree with her. Only because I had fully charged it a day before. Suffice to say, that I somehow turned off the mile lap statistics so I do not have any of my mile splits from my long run. The whole run was one lap. I think (hope) I fixed it and will be able to tell my mile splits on tomorrow's run. Otherwise I'm up a crick!

Wednesday was hubby's birthday so we all piled into the car to go down to hubby's restaurant to eat our once a month free meal. We splurged on filet mignon and baked potatoes. I started with a Manhattan and finished with some wine. It was a fabulous meal all around and I was curious as to how well a baked potato (or half of one) would fuel me for my 9 miles the next day. I can say that it wasn't the best fuel; my first two miles were craptastic and I struggled in the energy department the whole run, but I've definitely had worse runs. The good 'ol standby of spaghetti and meat sauce with french bread is definitely the best for me! Lesson learned. There was no way I was going to pass on that yummy dinner!

Thursday's run was nice and cool. I started off at 7 am. It was 61 degrees, 93% humidity and a 59 degree dew point. Cool and thick. I loved the temperature and the humidity didn't really zap me like it usually does. Maybe because it was below 94%? The first two miles were really hard, then my legs woke up. I ran 4 minutes and walked every 1 minute. I took gels at miles 4 and 7.5. I struggled with filling my lungs, I think it was the weed pollen levels combined with the humidity. It was nice to not have to run with my reflective vest, I really hate that thing! The traffic was low because the local school district is on their fall break. Overall, it was a good run. Not as epic as my last long run, but not as hard as it could have been.

Next Thursday I'll be doing 8x400 repeats on the treadmill.

It's a great day for running y'all!

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