Friday, September 5, 2014

Two Week Catch Up

So the 4x400 intervals on the treadmill at 8:30 pace worked out well. It was challenging, but not impossible. I will repeat that strategy for 6x400 next Thursday. I did a mile warmup, 4x400, 1 mile cool down. I will repeat whilst increasing the interval quantity. It did require a bit of time calculation in my head which is never easy while running, but success! I had a 90 second rest between each interval and ended up stretching that a tad to make the distances even since I can't program my treadmill to do 1 mi w/u, 4x400 at 8:30 pace with 90 sec rest, 1 mi c/d. That would be awesome if I could!

Yesterday, I ran 7.5 miles. It was 71 degrees, 97% humidity (yuck) and the dew point was at 70 degrees. I had zero expectations given this weather other than finishing standing up. I was surprised at how well this run went! I had a pre-run banana and some water. I took two flasks of water and two flasks of nuun in my fuel belt and one gel in my skirt pocket. I set my timer and ran. Since it was pitch black out when I started, I was wearing my much hated but much needed reflective vest. I had no idea what my splits were until mile 3 which was probably a good thing. I ran on feel other than the watch.

The humidity did get to me, but I was able to clear my head and push on through. This was good training for race day. While the weather won't be as brutal on Thanksgiving day, the second half of the race will be hard and I will feel similar to how I did yesterday.

I took my gel at the half way point, turned around and headed home. I did hit quite a few stop lights; one of the many drawbacks of running during the morning commute. Overall, it was a fabulous long run!

It's a great day for running y'all!

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